Philemon is a graduate of the second-year class. Early in 2017, he received an income-generating start-up grant of $250. He began selling shoes and clothing items in a local market and within three months, Philemon began turning a profit in his business, living inde­pendently and for the first time since his parents died he is consistently having three meals a day.

Philemon has also taken in his young cousin who is also an orphan and is help­ing pay his school fees. Philemon is helping guide this young man in the work of the Lord.

Nsowfa is operating a small restaurant with two other MASTERS students. The restaurant has become known as God’s Kitchen She because people come to the restaurant not only for a meal, but for prayer, encouragement and to hear about the love of Jesus. This is what the MASTERS program is about – an experience of the Kingdom of God on Earth.


Through the business classes, I have changed how I look at things, I am now confident that I can work with any organization or business firm. Because of all that I’ve learned at the MASTERS Program, I know that I can even take care of my own business.”
“I am very happy to say that this Program has made me a new being. I have been a Christian for most of my life. However, after attending this Program I now know my real identity and stand firm in the steadfast love of Christ. I am now able to spread the gospel through evangelism not just to the righteous but also to the unsaved people in my community. I have also grown greatly in my prayer life. Spiritually, I am growing day by day. MASTERS has made me become who I am today. I used to think of myself as a nobody but now I know that I’m someone who matters.”