The life of a grieving orphan in Africa is very harsh. It is made worse if the caregivers do not understand the impact that parental death has had upon them. We seek to address this problem by equipping pastors, caregivers and community leaders to inform and counsel caregivers and orphans through our training bringing understanding, hope, and healing.

A participant in our Malawi trainings shared the plight of one particular orphan. This young boy, who was rejected and forced out of his village community because of his highly aggressive behaviors, is now back living in the village. Why? Because a trained caregiver realized the root cause of the boy’s behavior was actually grief and felt inspired and equipped to encourage the village leaders to allow the boy back in the village. Through the efforts of this trained caregiver, the boy is now in school and living a healthy and productive life in the village.


…with your willingness to come and train, the awarding of certificates and all the prayer and support you gave us, our caregivers feel very honored. They’ve never felt honored before. They feel like they are really doing something now.”
— Administrator of Children’s Nest Orphanage
Working with these children before going through your workshop, it was very difficult to reason with these street kids. After learning what you taught it became very easy to identify problems and help these kids with what they are going through.

I’ve been in many workshops around Lesotho but I’ve never felt so built up… so
refreshed and excited about possibilities.”
— Lesotho training participant.