Hope for Grieving Children Africa is a faith-based organization committed to working with pastors, families, orphans and leaders in the community to help orphaned children reach their full potential by addressing the many symptoms of grief they experience due to parental loss. We are called to help relieve the suffering and improve the well-being of children in many regions of Africa.

Our Mission

In response to Christ's love for us, we equip pastors, leaders and caregivers in Africa and elsewhere with the knowledge and skills needed to address the grief and suffering of children and individuals traumatized by parental loss.


Orphaned children and youth served will have their well-being preserved and enhanced. They will improve in cognitive and emotional functioning and will make positive life choices and gain their God-given capacity to function in a family and community setting.

Core Values

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“I was looking at them (orphans) as outcasts but with this training I received a new direction and new approach to them. I have been really able to help their anger and sadness.”
— Children's Home worker