Youth Equipped

Youth Find Meaning and Purpose Through HGCA

We have been back in the US for a couple months, settling in and coordinating the administrative side of the ministry but, how amazing it is that testimonies of the trainings impact on lives keep coming in from our travels this past year.


"There were many moments when they would grab hands and pray for and encourage each other."

We heard from one of the leaders trained in Malawi, Stephen. This is what he shared, “At church now and having a youth event and the HGC content is quite helpful. The pastor, who also attended the training is addressing issues of premature sex among the young people, most which are orphaned and under abject poverty. It is just awesome.” The training for these youths opened their eyes to why they turned to sex for attention and the need to fill the gap of loss and pain in their lives. They huddled in groups and talked openly about their needs and there were many moments when they would grab hands and pray for and encourage each other. They were encouraged to move past the pain and guilt and find their purpose and ability to move on in healthy ways.

But, the question arises, “How can we be even more proactive in bringing understanding about grief and life and change, so that we understand ourselves and others better. Not just overseas, but here at home. Because life happens. Changes occur. Loved ones pass on. New seasons of life are entered.

A New Resource!

We are excited, because we now have yet another tool to do just that. The book “Unstuck – How to Grieve Well and Find New Footing” by Danette Johnson is now available for purchase both through UnPrecedented Press and Amazon.


"Unstuck - How to Grieve Well and Find New Footing"

This resource is not just for those in the midst of change or loss, but it is a proactive tool for all of us as we meet and interact with people daily who may need the encouragement this book offers. Even in the testimony given above, maybe some of those young lives would have known how to make right choices, or how they could have encouraged a friend through a loss and made them feel loved, safe, known, without having to turn to a sexual relationship to hide their pain.