Numbers are people too!

As we begin to look forward to this new year, we are of course excited for what we know the Lord will accomplish. But first, is the typical closing out of the year before. So as we are in the middle of administration, paperwork, year end reviews, we close it all with a sense of satisfaction and thankfulness. But more than ever we realize it’s not about the numbers but that these numbers represent people.

I am reminded of evangelism and how God multiplies thru people sharing one by one and how the impact is so much more than what we realize. It is called “The Power of Doubling Every Year.” And it says this: “if you win one soul to Christ this year, and you help that person get into church and grow in the Christian life, there will be 2 of you. If both of you do the same thing next year, there will be 4 of you. If the 4 of you do it the 3rd year there will be 8 of you…. If you continue this for 20 years, you will have won a total of 1,048,576 people to Christ.” ( We know that each training we have done, each person we have prayed for, every follow-up visit we have conducted, that God has continued to expand beyond what we have seen and known.

We know that in the last ten years of doing this training we have taught more than 5,000 pastors and caregivers touching the lives of over 27,00 orphans. That’s what we “know.” But the impact that these people have outside of the trainings goes beyond those mere numbers. These participants have not only learned about grief and been healed of their own grief, but now they share the love of Christ through their words and actions to those they care for AND to those they continue to share the information with. People whose names we may never learn and whose lives we may never see, but they are people being changed and touched nonetheless.

Recently a young man shared our post and said this: “Some people withdraw at the word ‘ministry.’ It can tend to feel robotic and we are desensitized because it’s thrown around so much today. I like the word ‘heartbeat’ instead. It paints a picture of life and beauty and warmth. This is exactly what Hope for Grieving Children is, a heartbeat. A vision for the nations, carrying LIFE to children who are going through seemingly lifeless situations. I believe Hope for Grieving Children is a heartbeat of Jesus not only to the children it touches and transforms directly but every single person involved.”

Numbers are great. But it’s about the people. Each with a name. Each with a purpose. Seeing them move past the pain of their circumstances and into their futures is what we believe will build His Kingdom.